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The tiny portable machine health monitoring device for predictive maintenance

6 Ways to Save

You can not save if you do not measure

The portable device makes such measurement and saving possible at very affordable costs

Prolific measurement

The equipment that are often considered inconsequential and maybe neglected for long periods, can now be under maintenance radar and have predictive maintenance. This saves you from unwarranted disruptions

Have an unbiased approach

We have seen many times that departments disagree over the causes and remedies of a machine problem. This results at times in doing something unnecessary. Vibzer removes the bias and provides a clear direction to the action path. Saving you from unnecessary trials

Periodic measurements

Measure progressive deterioration by infrequent periodic measurements. Move to predictive maintenance instead of having preventive maintenance

Save maintenance

Avoid Unnecessary maintenance. By the simple intuitive reports that Vibzer provides, the operator can now see that something is not Ok and call maintenance only when needed. Upton 4-5 visits can be saved every year as a minimum, if the Vibzer device is used.

Reconfirm refurbishment

Equipment that is refurbished at times goes to service and issues can be found later and maybe that becomes a little 'expensive way' to find a problem. Every refurbishment and even motors and machines kept as spares in stores can now be quickly checked and unwarranted shutdown avoided!


Ready To Go Portable Device
Wireless Solution
Tri-axial Accelerometer
Management Dashboard
Detects Progressive Deterioration in Electric Motors, Pumps, Fans, Compressors and general measurement points
Vibration based Condition Monitoring On Industrial Machines
On-the-fly Report in Layman's Language

Detectable Faults


  • Motor unbalance
  • Shaft arching
  • Shaft Fatigue
  • Shocks in the rotor
  • Parallel misalignment
  • Angular misalignment
  • Bearings misalignment
  • Roller bearing damage
  • Rotational looseness in plain bearings
  • Looseness in roller bearing's housing
  • Oil turbulence in plain bearings


  • Slot pass vibration in induction motors
  • Broken / loose bars in induction motors
  • Electrical vibration in motors


  • Vibratory contamination
  • Resonance
  • Defective data collection

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